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The Pennine Way

Camping is one mile from the Pennine Way. You can pitch up, take a  hot shower, order a takeaway or pop into Town and recharge your batteries ready for the next day.

The official extension loop takes in Hebden Bridge.

Places to Eat and Drink

Hebden Bridge alone has over 30 places to eat and drink. They are numerous and diverse from cosy cafes, micro bars, traditional pubs and modern restaurants. There are themed eating establishments to meet everyone's tastes and pockets from English, Italian, Thai, Turkish, Greek, Indian, Mediterranean to Fish 'n' Chips and local bakeries

The Little Independent Shops

Thanks to its overwhelming population of artists, writers and other fascinating people, Hebden Bridge's vibrant streets are overflowing with independent book and craft shops and inspiring galleries - including work from both international and local artists.

Stoodley Pike Walk

This is one of the most popular walks in Calderdale. The reason for its renown is the Stoodley Pike Monument. The monument can be seen for miles in the Upper Calder Valley. It stands 100 feet tall. Stoodley Pike was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon's armies at the Battle of Leipzig

Ancient Heptonstall

Visible across the valley from the campsite, explore the quaint village treading the same cobbled streets that have been walked for centuries before. Visit the Octagonal Wesleyan Chapel, Weavers Square, two churches with the graves of Sylvia Plath and local King David of Cragg Coiner fame.

National Trust Hardcastle Crags

As well as being the home of the northern hairy wood ant, there are tumbling streams, glorious waterfalls crisscrossed by more than 15 miles  of footpaths.

At its heart is Gibson Mill, a cafe and family-oriented visitor centre, telling the history of the valley over the past 200 years, with interactive displays, dressing up, dancing and exhibitions. 

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