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Old Chamber Farm has been in the Jones family for over 50 years. I am a second generation female farmer, proud to follow in my mother's footsteps but of course adapting and evolving as I go to ensure that the farm is fit for purpose in today's world.

This valley of ours is steeped in history and our farm is no exception. Erringden's origins can be traced back to the Vikings when it was known as Heyrikdene, which means Valley of Erik or the Valley of the High Ridge (Norse). In 1106 Norman Earl de Warren fenced it in as a deer park. The eventual owner, the Duke of York, destroyed the deer and depaled the park and in 1449 divided it into land holdings. Farming was often subsidised with weaving on handlooms. Packhorses would bring supplies of wool and take away woven cloth.

Eventually, industrialisation swept through the upper Calder Valley and the textile industries moved down to the more accessible valley bottom. This left ancient communities stranded on the hillsides.

 However, Agriculture is back in full swing at Old Chamber with a flock of North Country Mule Ewes, a small Sucker Herd and a recent diversification with the addition of a herd of Boer Goats.


All our livestock is home reared and grass fed. The cattle and goats are housed in winter and eat haylage (grass that we conserved for them during the summer). Lambs and kids are born in the Spring and calves in the Autumn.

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