Our goat meat is available from November all the way through to the following Spring


It is portioned and labelled in quantities suitable for a family of 4 ready, for the freezer.

We deliver free within the Valley.

It can be bought as:

1. Whole Goat -      £170.00 (4 leg roasts,, 4 shoulder roasts, chops, breast and liver) add £10 if you want joints dicing

2. Half Goat -         £88.00  (2 leg roasts, 2 shoulder roast,  chops, breast and liver)  add £8 if you want joints dicing

3. Quarter Goat -  £45.00  (1 leg roast, 1 shoulder roast, chops,, then either breast or neck chops) add £5.00 if you want your joints dicing

Prices are correct at time of publishing (Aug 21)