Old Chamber Farm lies within the Parish of Erringden and is a typical working Hill Farm above Hebden Bridge close to the Pennine Way.

We sell our meat via a box scheme and we deliver to your door. Availability is driven by the seasons and includes the following:

OLD CHAMBER LAMB is the staple of the farm. Every year we produce natural wool for the clothing industry, and flavoursome grass fed lamb for the dinner table.


OLD CHAMBER GOAT comes from our small herd of Boer goats, which enjoy a free range over a number of different habitats, sometimes slightly more than we would like if they manage to find a way over, under, or through, the farm fences!

OLD CHAMBER BEEF is something which is much sought after in the Calder Valley. Slowly grown in the fields on the valley sides of Hebden Bridge. There's no hurry on this farm. The meat is then matured for a minimum of 14 days prior to being expertly butchered.

OLD CHAMBER EGGS are produced by our free range hens, and like our goats tend to come and go as they like.

OLD CHAMBER FLEECES come off our flock of white(ish!) North Of England Mule Ewes every year around June.

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